IPCC decision on Orgreve

A letter to my MP:-

I write to urge you to support the setting up of a Public Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the Orgreave clash between miners and police (in the context of a long-running dispute embroiling the mining industry in 1984-85), following the Independent Police Complaints Commission (“IPCC”) decision today not to investigate police behaviour at Orgreave.

As I am sure you know, police charged at pickets using heavy horse and armoured officers before arresting 95 people for riot on 18th June 1984. Charges against pickets were later dropped when it emerged in court that police had colluded in preparing evidence. South Yorkshire Police eventually paid out £425,000 in compensation to falsely accused miners. However, I understand that no officer was ever charged or even reprimanded but the IPCC notes, evidence points to South Yorkshire police assaulting miners, perverting the course of justice, committing perjury and now keeping back evidence.

Whether one was sympathetic to the miners’ cause or not, they are British citizens. They have the right to be treated fairly and to be protected from arbitrary violence and obfuscations. When justice is denied for some, it is denied for all of us. So: a Public Inquiry, please.

As a first step, could I ask you to determine the reason for the several redacted sections of the IPCC decisions on matters relating to the policing of events at Orgreve coking plant in 1984 and its accompanying Annex 1: IPCC review of matters relating to the policing of events at Orgreave coking plant in 1984, both available on the IPCC website at www.ipcc.gov.uk.

Who can say what the local MP will say …?

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